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of the center of american progress who served in the obama and clinton administrations, policy director of hillary clinton's campaign. laura flanders, founder of grittv.com. the editor of salon.com and the woman who hired me two years ago. thanks, as always for that. >> of course. >> anyway, on friday afternoon, house speaker john boehner attempted to paint a picture of white house negotiations and how to avoid going over the fiscal curve. i have been saying fiscal slope. now on the show, i'll go with curve. >> this isn't a progress report because there's no progress to report. four days ago, we offered a serious proposal based on testimony from president clinton's former chief of staff. there's been no counter offer from the white house. instead, reports i understand kate the president adopted a deliberate strategy to slow walk the economy to the edge of the fiscal cliff. >> the extremely vague republican proposal did not include an increase in tax rates a position he reiterated on friday making clear there's no movement on the white house's red line on treasury secretary tim geithner
president obama and congress over the fiscal curb is the unraveling of the con sen sense. glover nor quis managed to get every single republican running for office from school boards up to president, signing a pledge that reads, i pledge to taxpayers to one, oppose any and all efforts to increase the income tax rates for individuals and or businesses and two, oppose any net reduction or elimination of reductions in credits unless matched dollar for dollar. his pledge has been useful to the republican party for a number of reasons. first, it led the republican party to push tax policies that move hundreds of billions of dollars into the bank accounts of wealthy people. it's also given the central right a single, simple policy objective to pursue, no matter what. a kind of north star for modern conservatism. now, members of congress seem to be losing their way. >> there's a lot that has been said about this pledge. i will tell you, when i go to the constituent that is reelected me, it's not about that pledge. >> i believe we shouldn't raise rates, but i think grover is wrong when it comes t
's the end-all be all. president obama said we could do it for 100 more years. but we act as there's no other alternatives that we ignored and did not put the proper resources into looking at. we're not looking at making sure that we have a country that really is focusing on energy efficiency, looking at real clean energy that's renewable energy. that doesn't make as much money as natural gas, right? it also doesn't open up the same kind of economic development benefits for folks when we talk about green jobs. like you said, it's all relative. that's an important point. >> this is also interesting. what the fracking boom is doing to the price of natural gas -- i think the idea is the price comes down and that's good for consumers and energy is cheaper. it's having a hot of knock-on effects, that dmin yags of price. >> it's a point worth making. it's true it takes place well below the water table. what you have is very slow dishe pergss and low concentrations and extended contact. we just don't know a lot about that. there's a big question mark there. >> yes, we do. yes, we do. >> some of it -
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)

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